1) A leak in the attic

It's always a good idea especially if you have a older roof to check in the attic space of your home after a storm. Since we live in West Texas we get to enjoy the high winds that come though our area that can really tear up an older roof leaving the roof exposed for water damage. Checking the attic is a good way to see if there are any leaks coming though.

2) Blistering or peeling interior paint

Undetected leaks can find a way into your home. Blistering or peeling paint is a good sign that damage is being done to your roof.

3) Missing, cracked or curled shingles

I know most of us don't ever look up at our roof much less want to climb up on it. One good sign to check for before going through that hassle check and see if there missing granules from the shingles on the ground. If you have gutters check by the down spouts. If so it may be time to crawl up there and check your roof. if you notice any dry or cracked shingles that break when touched give us a call.


We offer all kinds of asphalt shingles from basic 3-tab, 30 to 40 year laminated and hail resistant class 4.


These are the most commonly used since they are most cost effective shingle on the market. They are not as heavy as a laminated shingle and over time strong winds can blow then off a roof. Here are a few brands to check out:

1. IKO
2. GFA
3. Malarkey

Laminated shingles

Laminated shingles are the more HD shingles and offer more texure and contrast. It is a heavier, thicker shingle making it more wind and hail resistant. Call us to see what is the best shingle for your house.

1. IKO
2. GFA
3. Malarkey

Class 4 shingles ( hail resistant )

Now this is a bit tricky because there are a lot of providers that make a class 4 shingle and they all meet the criteria for the class 4 test they do on the shingles. Although over the many years we have been in this industry we have found that there is really only one company that does it right and that is Malarkey.

Where other shingles get an extra layer of strength to the back of the shingle making to stronger and tougher to penetrate allowing it to pass the required test it still damages the face of the shingles so much at you are going to have to replace it anyways so what the point of that. Malarkey made a rubberized shingle that allows it to expand and contract so the hail acutely bounces off the shingles. If you would like to learn more about this and how it can get you a write off your insurance give us a call we would love to help you.

3. Malarkey


There are many gains to having a metal roof and there are many draw backs to them as well so when considering one it good to know a few things.


  • strong
  • secure
  • attached with screws
  • light weight
  • sheds moisture quickly
  • reflects heat
  • creates dead-air space between the roof and the metal to reduce heat

Drawbacks to metal roofs

  • Cost ($300 to $600 a square)
  • Noise
  • Usually has to be replaced if dented (talk to an insurance agent)


The ridge improves the look of your roof. Three-tab is used on approximatly on 80% of homes. Then there is Z-ridge which is seen more with the hd shingle and it gets its name from the way that it is installed.


Installation of flat roofs have come a long way since the tar and gravel mop down style. We now use modified roofing that is a rubberized material and seals much better. More information at the website below.

Checkout this link for more information: